Puzzle Toy Reviews


Not every puzzle can be found in a little book or on a geeky website. Some of the most interesting and challenging puzzles are actually made of metal and plastic, can be touched and played with. Below you will find reviews and recommendations of many puzzle toys, along with pictures and links to online stores from which you can buy them.


The basic premise of Hanayama puzzles is to take apart and/or put together some construction of metal pieces. There are four types of puzzles based on the way you do this:

  • Piece manipulation - piece manipulation puzzles involve subtle moving, rotating and twisting several pieces around each other, until they get separated.
  • Piece arrangement - piece arrangement puzzles require arranging several pieces into a certain shape.
  • Maze type - Maze type puzzles require navigating a simple piece around a bigger, intricate body, until the two get detached from each other.
  • Special trick - special trick puzzles are locked using a secret mechanism and can be solved only by applying a particular combination of moves.

The difficulty ranges from Very Easy [1] to Very Hard [6] and is displayed in square brackets next to the puzzle's name.


Perplexus is a 3-dimensional, ball-shaped version of the wooden Labyrinth game by BRIO, which was very popular several decades ago. The basic premise is to manipulate a big transparent ball, so that a steel marble inside it successfully travels through a curvy labyrinth filled with various obstacles.

Other Toys

There are thousands of various puzzle toys you can find in the stores. Below you can see reviews of some of the popular ones we have had the opportunity to try, including personal favorites such as The Wooden Cross and Escher Mirrorkal.