Pierre the Maze Detective

When I first saw "Pierre the Maze Detective: The Search for the Stolen Maze Stone", I instantly felt regret I was not 20-30 years younger, so that I could fully enjoy what the book has to offer. Drawn by the talented IC4DESIGN team, this hardcover follows the adventures of Pierre and his nemesis Mr. X over a series of highly detailed mazes. Each maze takes place in a unique environment - sometimes you need to navigate your way through the streets of a crowded city, other times times through an intense sea battle. As an extra challenge, the artists have placed on every page a set of hidden items, which you must find in order to complete the mission.

Even though "Pierre the Maze Detective" is targeted towards younger children, I feel that adults can also appreciate it for the beautiful artwork and attention to details. If you want to see an example of the book's amazing illustrations, check this maze which we have included on our website (with the kind permission of the artists). I am sure you will love it, just as much as we do!

Pierre the Maze Detective
  • amazing artwork
  • background story
  • hidden objects
  • easy difficulty

The Stolen Tools

Tools were stolen from a construction site. Max Mouse found footprints and a tire track, leading him to believe there were two thieves - one walking and the other riding a bike. Even though Slylock Fox believes both tracks are related to the robbery, he suspects there was only one thief. Why?

Slylock Fox Puzzle

The tire track can not be from a bike. The tracks were left by one thirf pushing a wheelbarrow, full of stolen tools.