Cross - Parallel

This puzzle/game is played with groups of people, in which some of the participants know the rules, and others are trying to figure them out.

All players must sit in a circle, facing each other. Then one person who is familiar with the rules starts by pointing at another and saying either "cross" or "parallel". After that the person who got picked must choose another one and guess whether he must say "cross" or "parallel". If he gets it wrong, he gets corrected, and then the next person continues. The game ends when everyone finds out what the secret is.

To play this puzzle game with your friends, at least one of you must know the secret rules, which are explained below. Just keep in mind that whoever learns the rules, will lose the enjoyment of figuring them out by himself.

Secret Rules

When you point at somebody, you say "cross" if the person's legs are crossed, and "parallel", if they are parallel.

The Zoomquilt

You may not know this, but we have a strange penchant for optical illusions, fractals, and other mind-perplexing images. That's why we got so impressed when we saw for the first time the "infinite-zoom" artwork by Nikolaus Baumgarten. Bearing the suitable name "The Zoomquilt", this seemingly never-ending image instantly became our favorite screen-saver. Take a look at it by clicking the image below, and if you like it, make sure to search YouTube for other similar illustrations.

Picture from Russia

Look at the picture below and answer to following questions:

  1. What time of day is it?
  2. Is it early spring or a late fall (autumn)?
  3. Is this river navigable?
  4. Which direction does the river flow? (North, East, South or West?)
  5. Is the river deep or shallow at the side where the boat is?
  6. Is there a bridge across the river somewhere nearby?
  7. How far is the railroad from here?
  8. Do birds fly North or South?
Detective Puzzle


  1. People are sowing the crops, so it is early spring.
  2. Since it is spring, birds are flying North.
  3. Since birds are flying North, the shadows are pointing East, and therefore it is morning.
  4. Judging by the water around the buoy, the river is flowing South.
  5. Since there is a buoy, the river must be navigable.
  6. The fishing line is long, so the river must be deep.
  7. There would not be a ferry if there was a bridge nearby.
  8. The guy on the left looks like a railroad worker, so probably it is nearby.

Murder or Suicide

Judging by the scene below, can you guess whether this was a murder or a suicide?

Murder or Suicide Puzzle


This was a murder, which was supposed to look like a suicide. These are some of the reasons:

  1. The dead person has not finished their cigarette yet, which is a normal thing to do when someone commits a suicide.
  2. The person is left-handed, judging by the position of the pen and the lamp, but is holding the gun in their right hand.
  3. It was supposed to look like the person was writing a death note before killing themselves, but it is night and the lamp is not plugged in.