June Giveaway

For our June giveaway we have prepared for you 3 bundles of our favorite iPhone games. To participate in the giveaway, sign up using the form below. Three lucky winners will be randomly picked on June 10 and will receive download codes for "Agent A", "The Room", and "Prune". Good luck!

Giveaway Rewards

Programmers and Coins

coins programmers

One programmer draws on a sheet of paper several circles in a line, representing coins, and puts his thumb on the first circle, covering the rest with his hand. Then he asks another programmer to guess how many different head-tail combinations are possible if someone flips all the (imaginary) coins on the paper. The second programmer, without knowing the number of circles, takes the pen and writes down a number. Then the first programmer lifts his hand and sees that the correct answer is written on the paper. How did the second programmer manage to do this?

The second programmer wrote down "1" in front of the first circle. When the second programmer lifted his hand, he saw the number "10...00", which is exactly the number of possible head-tail combinations in binary system.

Moving Room

Moving Room is one of the easier disassembly wooden puzzles offered by Siam Mandalay. It consists of three pieces which must be arranged into a cube frame. Moving Room has the usual high quality of all products made by Siam Mandalay, featuring well-polished hardwood and a stylish engraved logo. Just like the previously reviewed Hoopla Cube, Moving Room's pieces are a bit thinner than optimal, which slightly compromises their fit. However, this does not create any unintended solutions and therefore does not impact the solving experience. I enjoyed a lot this product and think that it is a great introductory puzzle for people interested in this type of toys. It is highly recommended, especially for children and for beginners!

Moving Room
  • good quality hardwood
  • easy disassembly puzzle
  • pieces do not fit perfectly
  • highly recommended