Mona Lisa Mirrorkal

Maybe you have already read my favorable review of Escher Mirrorkal, which I posted here. After my highly positive experience with it, I didn't think twice before purchasing Mona Lisa Mirrorkal - the second entry in the series. On pictures it looked even more stylish and more difficult, adding the already familiar mirrors twist to the classic Fifteen Slide Puzzle. Unfortunately, Mona Lisa Mirrorkal is a let down in almost every way. The first thing which made bad impression is that the images on the little cubes you slide around are not properly stuck on their sides and are folded slightly towards the cubes' centers. Even though this does not influence the gameplay, it is easily visible and annoying. Even though it is a brilliant masterpiece, the chosen painting is very dark, which makes it both frustrating to arrange and not very pleasant to look at when finished. Sliding the pieces can be a hassle as well - it is not always smooth and sometimes the little cubes get stuck midway. Finally, if we disregard the technical difficulties coming from the flawed design of the puzzle, the actual solving is pretty easy and straightforward. It is much easier than Escher Mirrorkal and also unlike it, there is only one picture available to arrange. Even though the price of Mona Lisa Mirrorkal runs pretty low (I got it for around $5 on Amazon), it is still a hard to recommend puzzle.

  • suggested difficulty 7/10
  • mirrors, sliding
  • not recommended