Royal Wedding


A prince decides to get married to the prettiest girl in his kingdom. All 100 available ladies go to the palace and show themselves to the prince one by one. He can either decide to marry the girl in front of him, or ask her to leave forever and call the next one in line. Can you find a strategy which will give the prince a chance of 25% to get married to the prettiest girl? What is the strategy maximizing that chance?

Remark: Assume that the prince can objectively compare every two girls he has seen.

A strategy which ensures a chance of 25% is the following:
The prince banishes the first 50 girls which enter the palace and then gets married to the first one which is prettier than all of them (if such one arrives). If the prettiest girl in the kingdom is in the second 50, and the second prettiest girl is in the first 50, he will succeed. The chance for this is exactly 25%.
Better strategy coming soon.