What is the title of this modern art painting?

In the hyper-modern art gallery...

"Come here my friend, look at this colorful painting. Don't you like it?"

"Well, it looks rather dumb to me... Why on earth are you chuckling?"

"It's just that I found your comment rather funny. In particular, if you look at the title of this painting..."

"Oh!! I see. Well, I can see why it is funny, but I can absolutely not see, why this work is called like this!"

"Well, well, my friend. Sometimes you have to look beyond what is visible, connect the facts and combine all in an intuitive way. You know Rebus puzzles, don't you? See, this painting really is just a somewhat more involved variant. But you were right in one thing. The stripes are without any meaning."

ApGgl (1).png

What is the name of this painting? The answer is a single word and is fully contained in the image. However, it is unlikely to solve the puzzle just by looking at it.

There are 20 types of stars, in 10 different colors and 10 different shapes. If you connect all pairs of identical stars and then take the intersections of every two lines which connect stars of same color or same shape, you will get 20 points which form the letters "IQ" over the number 130. A person with IQ over 130 is regarded as "Genius", which is the name of the painting.