Perplexus Miniature

Perplexus Miniature is a small replica of the original Perplexus. It features the same layout, barriers, and colors, but measures just 2-3 inches in diameter. It works surprisingly well despite its small size, with the ball's movement being decently smooth. That being said, this version is definitely more frustrating and less fun to play than the original one. The quality is as high and the built is as sturdy as usual, but the toy feels more like a novelty item, than a fully-functional puzzle. Given that for just few more dollars you can get Perplexus Original, which is superior in every possible way, I do not see many reasons to get this one (unless you want to complete your collection).

Perplexus Original Miniature
  • medium difficulty
  • 100 barriers
  • very small size
  • not recommended