Who are you?

We are a very small team of math and puzzle lovers who appreciate new ideas and like to challenge ourselves. We like solving problems for fun and look forward to share our passion with others.

What is this place?

Puzzle Prime is an online platform where you can find information about anything puzzle related. We have brain teasers, logic video games, puzzle reviews and more. If it stirs your brain and makes it hurt, you will find it here at Puzzle Prime.

Why did you make this?

We have seen so many sites on the internet offering puzzles, math games and other logic quizzes and saw that many of them relied on the principle of "quantity over quality". Many of these sites had boring or easy to solve puzzles and we wanted to change that. Puzzle Prime offers puzzles carefully selected by our team to provide a challenge to our users and that are guaranteed to be smart, unique and lots of fun.

Where are the ads?

You will not find ads on Puzzle Prime. We find ads to be annoying and distracting and we believe that they do not belong here on our site. The only place you might see advertisements is if you play some of the video games in the Puzzle Games section. However, these games are borrowed from other websites and developers, so Puzzle Prime does not have the rights to make them ad-free.

How do you generate profit?

Puzzle Prime does not generate profit. We have created this website with the sole idea of popularizing puzzles through high-quality content and appealing design. We do accept donations to help keep our site running, but they are not required to use our site and play the hundreds of games and puzzles that we offer.

How can I support Puzzle Prime?

The best way to support Puzzle Prime is by helping it to become more popular. Share Puzzle Prime with your friends and follow it on social media using the buttons below. If you wish, you can also make a small donation on our Donations page.