Puzzle Tournament 2

Puzzle Prime’s second puzzle tournament was organized on June 27, 2020. Congrats to Elyot G. who solved all the puzzles! You can see the problems and the rankings below.

Elyot G.

You have 60 minutes to solve 6 puzzles, each worth 1 point. Upload your solutions as a pdf, document, or image, using the form below. Good luck!

Time for work: 1 hour

Puzzle Prime Knight

Start from a square with a P on the chessboard, and keep jumping via knight’s move, consequently landing on squares with the letters U-Z-Z-L-E-P-R-I-M-E.

Point of View

8 of these diagrams correspond to views of the object in the corner when it is looked from different perspectives. Which 2 aren’t?

Note: The projections below are parallel (not perspective).

Chess Fight

Choose a chess piece on the board. Then, move the piece to a cell with another piece, and remove the first piece. Repeat, by moving the second piece to a cell with a new piece, and removing it. Continue until there is only one piece remaining on the board.

Note: For example, we can move the Queen on d2 to the Bishop on b2, the Knight on c3, or the Bishop on d4. If we move the Queen to d4 and remove it from the board, then we must move the Bishop on d4. The only available cell is c3, where a Knight is positioned. We must remove the bishop and move the Knight on c3 either to the Rook on b1 or the Rook on a2…

Special Date

On April 5, 2013 (5.4.2013), the digits used for expressing the date were all different and consecutive. When was the last date before it with this property?

Remark: The digits 9 and 0 are not consecutive.

Splitting the Area

You have 1 square with side length 1 and 2 circles with diameter length 1. Draw a single line so that the resulting areas on the left and on the right of the line are equal.

Notes: You need to specify how you find a line satisfying the condition above.

Chess Connect

The starting and ending positions of 7 chess pieces are shown on the board. Find the trajectories of the pieces, if you know that they do not overlap and completely cover the board.

Notes: The pieces can not backtrack. Two trajectories can intersect diagonally but can not pass through the same square. Only the Knight has a discontinuous trajectory.


The answer to Point of View is C and J.
The answer to Special Date is 23.4.1765.
The solutions of the other puzzles are shown below.


2David R.1010114
1Elyot G.1111116
5Hristo H.0010102
3Rodrigo R.10.510013.5


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Cat Crimes


Cat Crimes is a logic game by ThinkFun inspired by classic deduction puzzles. It consists of 40 challenges split into four difficulty groups.

Each challenge presents the player with a cat crime which they must solve. One of six items on a carpet has been ruined, and several clues written on a card point towards the cat which is responsible. The player must analyze each of the clues, as well as the models of the cats and the carpet (included in the box), and find the perpetrator. Even though the puzzles can be completed just as easily with pen and paper only, the inclusion of cardboard models makes the solving process much more fun. The beautiful artwork of the set and the sturdy cardboard additionally improve the experience.

The included puzzles are best suited for students in primary and middle schools, but older people can enjoy them as well. Overall, Cat Crimes is a wonderful twist on a traditional type of puzzle, and I highly recommend it.

  • 1 player, 8 years and up
  • 40 challenges, 4 difficulty levels
  • a fun variation of a classic deduction puzzle
  • beautiful models of cats and carpet


* This post contains affiliate links. We may receive a small compensation if you make a purchase.


Vincent Bal is a Belgian writer and director. Apart from making movies, he is also famous for his art project Shadowology which combines everyday items, their shadows, and doodles, into one amazing collection of cartoons. If you want to see more of Vincent, you can follow him on Instagram, where he regularly posts new work.

Puzzle Giveaway 3

Our third giveaway is over. Congratulations to Steven W. who won a whole pack of socks which he plans to wear in his future Escape Room adventures.

Hey, puzzlers, our friends at Soxy are offering their comfy socks in a new puzzle pattern and want to share 5 pairs with you. Solve the puzzle below, post the answer on our Facebook wall, and you can be the lucky winner of a whole set of fun socks. Click the banner below to check Soxy’s other cool items.

Last week, I got from Soxy 1 pair of brown socks, 3 pairs of brown shoes, 2 pairs of black socks, 2 pairs of black shoes, and put them all in a wooden chest. How many times should I pick a random item from the chest, so that I end up with all-matching shoes and socks to wear on Comic-Con?


You need to pick at least 14 items from the chest. If you pick 13 items, you can end up with 1 brown sock, 3 left brown shoes, 3 right brown shoes, 4 black socks, and 2 left black shoes.