Donuts and Candies

Huey has 3 donuts, Dewey has 5 donuts. Louie comes along and three of them split the donuts equally. In exchange, Louie offers 8 candies to Huey and Dewey. What is the fair way to split the candies?

Huey must take 1 chocolate, and Dewey must take 7. This is because each of them ate 8/3 donuts, and therefore Huey gave away 1/3 of a donut, whereas Dewey gave away 7/3 of a donut.

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We do not know where this puzzle originated from. If you have any information, please let us know via email.


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  1. Not quite. Huey gave away 1/3 of A doughnut, not 1/3 of his doughnuts, which would be 1 doughnut. Similarly Dewey did not and could not have given away 7/3 of his doughnuts, for that is more than he could possess. Dewey gave away 2 and a third doughnuts. Despite this misdescription of what happened, the answer as to the distribution of the candies (then changed to chocolate – a candy need not contain chocolate) is correct.