The Troll Brothers

There are four troll brothers – Wudhor, Xhaqan, Yijlob, and Zrowag.

  • Wudhor always says the truth.
  • Xhaqan always lies.
  • Yijlob lies or says the truth unpredictably.
  • Zrowag is deaf and never answers.

You must ask these brothers only four questions (one troll per question), and figure out their names. What questions would you ask?

Source: Puzzling StackExchange

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    1. How did you know that one of them is? Best to suppose though, that the question really meant that you had been told the names of the trolls (not in fact stated) and their attendant characteristic (also not stated in the question) and that you had merely to correctly allocate a name to each one.
      Wudhor would say that he was (Wudhor).
      Xhaqan would say that any one of them was, other than Xhaqan, including himself, but were he intelligent he would exclude Zworag from his lying identification.
      Yijlob may or may not tell the truth. If he names Wudhor as Wudhor you would have a strong indication that either he or Wudhor was Wudhor, but you would not know which was which. If he lied and he matched his lie to that of Xhaqan, you would be no better off. If he named Zworag, you might assume he was Xhaqan, once you found the identity of Zworag.
      There is no point asking Zworag anything, as you would have found out had he been one of the first three you questioned. In the end you would only know the identity of Zworag with any certainty and this does not solve the puzzle. Not that I myself know nor, perhaps, does the question setter, given the length of time that has passed since the posting.