Fake Photo

James sent this beautiful photo to a contest, hoping he will win first prize. The contest organizers, however, realized that the photo was fake and disqualified James. How did they figure out the picture was not real?

Source: Puzzling StackExchange

There are stars over the moon, which is impossible.

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  1. I think, with the given position of sun and moon, the mountains should be pitch black. Or, at least, like the front one.

    1. I am not sure whether the light in this picture is indeed impossible, but you got a really good idea for a new puzzle!

  2. Would be good to understand why can’t there be stars over the moon? I understand stars in front of moon is rare but not quite sure of over the moon.

    1. Hello KK. You are correct; this is exactly what is meant by “stars over the moon”. There are two of them in front of the moon’s dark side.