Murder or Suicide

Examine the picture and determine whether the woman was killed or she committed a suicide.

This was a murder, which was supposed to look like a suicide. These are some of the reasons:

1. The dead person has not finished their cigarette yet, which is a normal thing to do when someone commits a suicide.
2. The person is left-handed, judging by the position of the pen and the lamp, but is holding the gun in their right hand.
3. It was supposed to look like the person was writing a death note before killing themselves, but it is night and the lamp is not plugged in.

We do not know where this puzzle originated from. If you have any information, please let us know via email.


  1. One more thing u missed…
    The gun is in the right hand and the shot is on the right side of the head, but the blood is also on the right side which cannot be possible

    One more thing…..
    Apply newton’s second law……the dead body should fall left side if the gun is in the right hand.

  2. Looks like a suicide. Most people smoke with there non dominant hand, which would put the gun in her right hand. Appears she was facing the mirror when she shot herself and twisted down onto her back hence her flip flop. Every time anyone dies it’s a murder scene until proven otherwise so an absolute answer can not be formed until forensics have been completed.

  3. She’s holding the gun with her left hand the blood spots on her left side with a pistol like that close to her head the bullet would go straight through. She was writing she heard sounds she took off her glasses grabbed her gun before she got the aim she got shots in the head with a man that was handed. If you look at the distance on the right side of the blood splat that shows the killer was resting his right hand. He walked on the right side of her

  4. we will have to wait for forensics to see if theres gun powder residue on her right hand from where the gun went off. I still believe I can make a murderer go free with my case. She simply turned around 180 degrees after writing with her right hand. Placed the pen down, took her glasses off. Grabbed the gun to the left of the soda can and shot herself which created the wall splatter. Hand fell back under the desk and hit the lamp power chord. Case solved

  5. The women was clearly staring left handed. Look at the soda the cigarette location in hand and the pen location. The gun was in the right hand. I would assume the women would have been facing the way looking at window and note so the blood splatter makes no sense being on wrong side. Any one holding a gun would have held it in the proper hand and sure would have set down the cigarette or in many cases finished it. Every aspect of the picture screams “murder”.

        1. Hi Shareef. Just click on the SOLUTION button underneath the puzzle and you will see the answer there.

      1. One evidence is enough to state that it is a murder case…
        There is no way you will shoot yourself with a gun and still hold on tight to the gun, falling. Down violently and the grip of the gun still tight…. it’s a murder

        1. Fun fact… On some occasions, the human muscles spasm at the moment of death, so it is possible the hand to grip the gun tightly and not relax up until the body starts to decompose… OK, maybe the fact is not that much fun 🙂