The Bank Robber

Harry Ape robbed a bank yesterday and has been hiding in the bitterly cold forest. Max Mouse found Harry’s clothes near a hole in the pond ice. Why does Slylock Fox believe that Harry is nearby?

Slylock thinks Harry fell through the ice, and after climbing out of the water, took off his wet clothes due to the frigid temperatures. The sleuth suspects the ape is nearby because the wet clothes are still unfrozen.

Bob Weber, Jr. is the award-winning creator of Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids, one of the world’s most popular children’s activity comic strips.


    1. . For clothes to get frozen, it takes a bit longer than few minutes, if we knew that Max is wearing shorts. (It has to be Britain). For clothes to get dry on this weather, it takes about 4 months, so if he’s got any brains, he would be running like Speedy Gonzales to warm up and forget the clothes. Then again, he is a bank robber. And Ape.