Magic Liquid

You buy a bottle with a letter from the merchant, the merchant tells you that when you drink the liquid in the bottle it grants you eternal life, he supposedly deciphered this from the letter.
After you get home you decide to study the letter if it really says what the merchant told you, can you figure out if the bottle really grants eternal life?

You come to a fork in the road.
To the left is an empty well made from stone.
On the right is a pirate’s buried treasure.
Ahead you only see a tall straight tree.
The night is dark with only a dying moon in the sky.

Source: Puzzling StackExchange

The objects described in the last paragraph have the following shapes:
fork in the road = T
empty well = O
buried treasure = X
straight tree = I
dying moon = C
The 5 letters form the word “TOXIC”, which suggests you shouldn’t drink from the bottle.

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