The Madman’s Speech

You are walking through the prairie when you find a madman wandering around talking to himself. The following is what you manage to hear of his speech:

“How? I – I’ll ask her. I owe her much, again. I’d a home on town, a tax as florid as out the coat, a virgin a year. Oh, yodel – aware you take all or I do. Never the road: I’ll land in the Anna-Marie land. Main can’s a sore gone; tennis is out t’car. Oh, line a canned turkey!”

What is the man really talking about?

Source: Puzzling StackExchange

The man is actually reciting the states in America, even though you can’t hear him well:

“How? – I” = Hawaii
“I’ll ask her.” = Alaska
“I owe her” = Iowa
“much again” = Michigan
“I’d a ho…” = Idaho
“…me on town, a” = Montana
“tax as” = Texas
“florid a…” = Florida
“…s out the coat, a” = South Dakota
“virgin a year.” = Virginia
“Oh yo…” = Ohio
“…del – aware” = Delaware
“You ta…” = Utah
“…ke all or i do” = Colorado
“Never the” = Nevada
“road: I’ll land” = Rhode Island
“in the Anna-…” = Indiana
“…Marie land” = Maryland
“Main” = Maine
“can’s a s…” = Kansas
“…ore gone;” = Oregon
“tennis i…” = Tennessee
“…s out t’car. Oh line a” = South Carolina
“canned Turkey” = Kentucky