Manifold is a brilliant puzzle invented by Jerome Morin-Drouin. Based on the origami principle, the goal of Manifold is to fold the printed paper several times, so that eventually you will end up with a 4 × 4 square which is white on one side and black on the other. The Manifolds here are provided by The Incredible Company and are part of their Manifold game which contains a total of 100 puzzles. Click the images, download them, print them, and solve the puzzles.

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Jérôme Morin-Drouin, originally from Quebec, Canada, founded The Incredible Company, which published his games and puzzles, including the origami puzzle, Manifold, from Gamewright's puzzle brand Brainwright. His first published game is Pirate Lords.


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  1. Hi Jerome,
    Thank you for creating this amazing game.
    I’ve bought for my son and it has been amazing.
    Now I want it for my nieces and nephews but it’s not available to buy in Amazon.
    Is it possible to buy it in another place?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Giseb,
      The game (unfortunately) was not created by us but by Jerome Morin-Drouin. I just checked online, and it seems that indeed it has been sold out at most/all major puzzle retailers.
      I guess the best option would be to get a copy from ebay, even though the game is currently sold at double/triple the price there. Maybe you can get a “best offer” copy for about $15; it is worth a try:)

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