Pierre the Maze Detective in the Last Giant Maze

Help Pierre catch the evil Mr X before he manages to escape from this giant maze. On your way to him, look out for these hidden items: 

  • 5 hidden stars
  • 5 green treasure chests
  • 5 red trophies
  • Mr. X’s sidekick (wearing a striped blue shirt)
  • 5 elephants
  • 1 lion
  • 1 shark
  • 1 ghost
  • a stolen statue’s head
  • 10 gold weathercocks
Text and illustrations © 2015 IC4DESIGN. 
Excerpt from Pierre the Maze Detective: The Search for the Stolen Maze Stone,
published in 2015 by Laurence King Publishing Ltd., London.

The solution is shown below.

Hiro Kamigaki is the founder of IC4DESIGN, a collective of illustrators based in Hiroshima, Japan. The artists of IC4DESIGN were elected as part of the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide for 2009-2010, and were American Illustration's and the Society of Illustrators' selected illustrators.

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