Pun Riddles

  1. Why do people go to the corner of the room when they are cold?
  2. Why was everyone afraid of Albert Einstein’s brother, Frank?
  3. What subject does a witch teach at school?
  4. What room can’t a skeleton enter?
  5. What rock group has only four members and none of them sing?
  6. What has two butts and kills people?
  7. How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh?
  8. What do you call a squad of babies?
  9. What is a geologist’s favorite music genre?
  10. What’s blue and not very heavy?
  1. Because it is 90 degrees there.
  2. Because he was Frank-Einstein, a monster.
  3. Spell-ing.
  4. The living room.
  5. Mount Rushmore.
  6. An assassin.
  7. Ten-tickles.
  8. An infantry.
  9. Rock.
  10. Light blue.

A Short, Brutal Riddle

Left alone, I’m a word with five letters.
I’m honest and fair, I’ll admit.
Rearranged, I’m of no use to trains.
Again, and I’m an overt place, warm and well lit.

What am I?

The answer is LIAR. After rearranging the letters, you can get RAIL – important for trains, or LAIR – a dark, hidden place. Since the riddler is a liar, the resulting words are exactly the opposite of his descriptions.


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