Trotsky’s Killer

August 20, 1940

Leon Trotsky, an enemy of Josef Stalin, had been in exile for 11 years. On this day, a Soviet assassin entered Trotsky’s house in Mexico City and hit him in the head with an ice axe. He died the next day.

Here is a group of suspects who were rounded up. Each wrong suspect has one different feature from the correct suspect. Who killed Trotsky?

The killer of Leon Trotsky was RamΓ³n Mercader.

Thoka’s Rebus 4

Can you figure out which word is depicted by this rebus?

The first image on the first row depicts a TEAR. The second image depicts a RAT with a middle letter switched from A to I. From TEARRIT the A is removed, then PILLORY is added, and PILL is removed. The final answer is TERRITORY.