Trotsky’s Killer

August 20, 1940

Leon Trotsky, an enemy of Josef Stalin, had been in exile for 11 years. On this day, a Soviet assassin entered Trotsky’s house in Mexico City and hit him in the head with an ice axe. He died the next day.

Here is a group of suspects who were rounded up. Each wrong suspect has one different feature from the correct suspect. Who killed Trotsky?

The killer of Leon Trotsky was Ramón Mercader.

Thoka’s Rebus 4

Can you figure out which word is depicted by this rebus?

The first image on the first row depicts a TEAR. The second image depicts a RAT with a middle letter switched from A to I. From TEARRIT the A is removed, then PILLORY is added, and PILL is removed. The final answer is TERRITORY.