The Zoomquilt

You may not know this, but we have a strange penchant for optical illusions, fractals, and other mind-perplexing images. That’s why we got so impressed when we saw for the first time the “infinite-zoom” artwork by Nikolaus Baumgarten. Bearing the suitable name “The Zoomquilt”, this seemingly never-ending image instantly became our favorite screen-saver. Take a look at it by clicking the image below, and if you like it, make sure to search YouTube for other similar illustrations.

Parable of the Polygons

Parable of the Polygons is an interesting analysis of diversity in society, beautifully presented through a series of puzzles, simulations, and many, many colorful squares and triangles. This project, created by Vi Hart and Nicky Case, is short, but very insightful and entertaining. Make sure to check it out by clicking the image below.

Audio Illusions

The chances are you have already seen the hundreds of optical illusions we have collected for you on Puzzle Prime, but have you ever encountered any audio illusions? The YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE has created a short video in which they present and explain some of the most famous audio illusions, such as the McGurk effect and the Tritone paradox. Watch their video below and see if you can trust your ears.


Which was your favorite part of the Mathematics you learned back in high-school? Not sure about you, but we definitely loved the construction problems, where we had to draw some shape, using just a straightedge and a compass. Even though we haven’t solved such problems for many years, we got very excited to discover the amazing game Euclidea, designed by the guys from HORIS International Ltd. If the description below seems intriguing to you, make sure to visit the game’s website and test your skills by clicking the banner below.

OK GO – “The Writing’s On the Wall”

How much effort and innovation can a band put into producing their music videos? When it comes to the American rock-band OK GO, the answer is A LOT. Becoming a notable YouTube presence around 2010 with their famous “Treadmill Dance”, OK GO keep pushing the boundaries of creativity in each consecutive video they make. Check out this amazing optical illusion video by these so talented guys, and if you enjoy it, make sure to see their other projects as well. Truly brilliant!