Spot the James Bond Film

Can you spot the five James Bond films?

The films are:

  1. “Diamonds are Forever” (Diamonds + R + Four + Heifer)
  2. “Moonraker” (Moon + Rake + R)
  3. “Octopussy” (Octopus + E)
  4. “Golden Eye” (Gold + Hen + Eye)
  5. “The World Is Not Enough” (The World + E’s + Knot + N + Oeuf)

This rebus is taken from the book “A Collection of Spots”. Inside the book you will find 48 more puzzles.

Five Acronyms

What do the following acronyms have in common?

  • LCD display
  • ATM machine
  • PDF format
  • ISBN number
  • HIV virus

All five are examples of the RAS syndrome (Redundant Acronym Syndrome syndrome) in which the last word of the acronym is repeated.

  • Liquid-Crystal Display display
  • Automated Teller Machine machine
  • Portable Document Format format
  • International Standard Book Number number
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus