Escaping the Kingdom

A long time ago there was a kingdom, isolated from the world. There was only one way to and from the kingdom, namely through a long bridge. The king ordered the execution of anyone caught fleeing the kingdom on the bridge and the banishment of anyone caught sneaking into the kingdom.

The bridge was guarded by one person, who was taking a 10-minute break inside his cabin every round hour. Fifteen minutes were needed for a person to cross the bridge and yet, one woman managed to escape the kingdom. How did she do it?

Once the guard entered the cabin, the woman started crossing the bridge for 9 minutes, and then turned around and pretended to be going in the opposite direction for one more minute. When the guard caught her, she said she was trying to enter the kingdom, so he banished her away.

Five Acronyms

What do the following acronyms have in common?

  • LCD display
  • ATM machine
  • PDF format
  • ISBN number
  • HIV virus

All five are examples of the RAS syndrome (Redundant Acronym Syndrome syndrome) in which the last word of the acronym is repeated.

  • Liquid-Crystal Display display
  • Automated Teller Machine machine
  • Portable Document Format format
  • International Standard Book Number number
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus