Puzzle Giveaway 3

Our third giveaway is over. Congratulations to Steven W. who won a whole pack of socks which he plans to wear in his future Escape Room adventures.

Hey, puzzlers, our friends at Soxy are offering their comfy socks in a new puzzle pattern and want to share 5 pairs with you. Solve the puzzle below, post the answer on our Facebook wall, and you can be the lucky winner of a whole set of fun socks. Click the banner below to check Soxy’s other cool items.

Last week, I got from Soxy 1 pair of brown socks, 3 pairs of brown shoes, 2 pairs of black socks, 2 pairs of black shoes, and put them all in a wooden chest. How many times should I pick a random item from the chest, so that I end up with all-matching shoes and socks to wear on Comic-Con?


You need to pick at least 14 items from the chest. If you pick 13 items, you can end up with 1 brown sock, 3 left brown shoes, 3 right brown shoes, 4 black socks, and 2 left black shoes.

Puzzle Giveaway 2

Our second giveaway is over. Congratulations to the winner, M M Del Rosario, and to his nephew, who will have countless hours playing with all the wonderful toys we chose for him from Fun.com!

For our July giveaway, we are partnering with our friends at Fun.com, a great website for games, toys, and fun Halloween costumes. We have prepared for you a colorful picture with lots of hidden stars in it. Answer correctly what their number is and on the 15th of July, you could be the lucky winner who gets more than $100 worth of puzzles and games, including “Perplexus”, “Codenames”, “Manifold”, and many more! 


Puzzle Giveaway 1

Our first puzzle giveaway is over. The winner, Ankush S., is not living in the US, so he decided to donate his prize to a children’s home in Illinois! As an appreciation for his gesture, we created one of our signature avatars for him. Congratulations!

Ankush S.

Solve the puzzle below and post the answer on our Facebook page, for the chance of winning the puzzle game Cat Crimes, provided by our friends at ThinkFun.

On the image below you can see 11 points in the plane placed in such a way that there exist 6 lines passing through 4 points each. Can you place 10 points in the plane, such that there are 5 lines passing through 4 points each?

CAT = 3, BOWL = 2, FISH = 1. The scratches represent Roman numerals.

4 (CAT with a FISH) + 6 (VI) + 2 (TWO FISH) = 12
1 (FISH) + 2 (BOWL) + 5 (CAT with a BOWL) = 8
5 (CAT with a BOWL) + 3 (CAT) + 3 (III) = 11

Therefore, the correct answer is 4 + 2 + 3 = 9.