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What would happen if you spin a (near) perfect disc on a (near) flat surface? This is a curious question studied first by Leonhard Euler during the 18th century. When observed, the behavior of the disc feels almost paradoxical. Its speed is seemingly increasing more and more as time passes by. The sound produced by the disc is also very unusual, especially at the end of the spin when its frequency gets very high. Now add to all of this some cool visual effects, and suddenly a serious scientific experiment transforms into an interesting gadget, both for children and adults. Euler’s Disc may not be an item you will spend too much time with overall, but something you will surely take for a spin once in a while. It is highly recommended, both for its educational value and fun factor.

  • educational toy
  • cool sound and visual effects
  • highly recommended


Have you ever been solving hard problems and felt the need to fidget during the thinking process? Most of us use to click pens or spin key-chains around our fingers, and this usually helps us to maintain our focus. However, with the introduction of the Fidget Cube, Antsy Labs raises the fidgeting routine to a whole new level. The Fidget Cube is a novelty mechanical toy which has a different object to play with on each of its faces. One face has a (non-)light switch which clicks, another has a joystick which glides, a third one has a little disc which spins, and I personally love all of them.

The Fidget Cube comes at a somewhat hefty price of $20-25, but as a toy you will find yourself constantly playing with, I think it is definitely worth the money. You can also find cheaper knock-off versions on Amazon and other retailers, but they usually provide inferior quality.

Update: After several price reductions, the original fidget cube now retails for about $10. 

  • fidgeting toy
  • good quality
  • novel idea
  • highly recommended