Park On Same Time – POST Puzzle Game

I am excite to announce about my new Puzzle Game.

Discover the Thrill of Perfect Timing in ‘POST’ – Your Ultimate Puzzle Challenge!

Welcome to the world of ‘POST,’ where every move counts and every puzzle piece fits into a larger strategy.

Get started today and discover why ‘POST’ is the ultimate puzzle game for players seeking excitement, challenge, and strategic gameplay. Happy puzzling!

Please give me your views about it.

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Puzzles about Arranging Numbers on Edges of Directed Graphs


Here’s a puzzle about arranging numbers on arrows of a directed graph so that numbers on all arrows entering each node are (strictly) less than numbers on all arrows leaving that node.

To shuffle numbers between two arrows, you click on the number on one arrow and then you click on the number of the other arrow.

Here’s the link:

You can also find many more of those puzzles here:


Two friends – Usain and Tyson are racing each other over 100 meters dash. Usain wins by 10 meters. They decide to race again, but in order to even things up, Usain starts 11 meters behind the start line. Assuming both of them are running with constant speeds, the same as before, who will win?