Puzzle Giveaway 1

Our first puzzle giveaway is over. The winner, Ankush S., is not living in the US, so he decided to donate his prize to a children’s home in Illinois! As an appreciation for his gesture, we created one of our signature avatars for him. Congratulations!

Solve the puzzle below and post the answer on our Facebook page, for the chance of winning the puzzle game Cat Crimes, provided by our friends at ThinkFun.

On the image below you can see 11 points in the plane placed in such a way that there exist 6 lines passing through 4 points each. Can you place 10 points in the plane, such that there are 5 lines passing through 4 points each?

CAT = 3, BOWL = 2, FISH = 1. The scratches represent Roman numerals.

4 (CAT with a FISH) + 6 (VI) + 2 (TWO FISH) = 12
1 (FISH) + 2 (BOWL) + 5 (CAT with a BOWL) = 8
5 (CAT with a BOWL) + 3 (CAT) + 3 (III) = 11

Therefore, the correct answer is 4 + 2 + 3 = 9.

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