Smart Eggs


Smart Eggs are maze type puzzles created by the Hungarian inventor Andras Zagyvai. The basic idea is to navigate a plastic stick from the top of an egg to its bottom, pushing, pulling and moving the stick around various holes and tunnels carved in it.

The original six 1-layer Smart Eggs are extremely simple to solve and targeted towards very young children. There is only one natural path the stick can take, and you simply have to follow it. The eggs are also fairly small and initially may look a bit underwhelming. The designs, however, are beautiful, and the construction is solid. Despite the low difficulty level and lack of hard challenges, the 1-layer Smart Eggs are fun to play and fidget with, both for kids and adults. Collecting them all results in a wonderful shelf collection.

The 2-layer Smart Eggs are the bigger, better, harder version of the original 1-layer Smart Eggs. The goal remains the same – navigate a stick from the top of the egg to its bottom. The collection consists of three Dragon Eggs – blue, red, and black, listed according to their difficulty level. The first thing which makes impression is the beautiful art – on every egg there are three dragons depicted, no two of them the same. These toys have much higher quality than the original Smart Eggs – they are around twice the size, come with metal sticks, plastic stands, and much more intricate designs. Inside every egg there is a core which can rotate and also slide up and down, creating many possibilities for the stick’s movement. Even though the blue egg is fairly straightforward to solve, the red and the black ones can pose a real challenge. The 2-layer Smart Eggs have high replay value, and you will probably find yourself coming regularly back to them. They are fun, smart, and highly recommended puzzles.

  • 6-8 years and up
  • 1-layer and 2-layer options
  • various beautiful designs


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