On this page, you can see a collection of various types of optical illusions. The gallery contains Ambiguous, Paradox, Distortion, Motion, and 3D illusions, created by world-renowned artists.

Same Color

by Edward Adelson

Perspective Illusion

by Roger Shepard

Ebbinghaus' Illusion

by Hermann Ebbinghaus

Table Illusion

by Roger Shepard

Kanizsa's Shrinkage Illusion

by Gaetano Kanizsa

Zollner Illusion

by Johann Zolner

White's Illusion

by M. White

Leaning Tower Illusion

by Frederick Kingdom, Ali Yoonessi, Elena Gheorghiu

Jastrow Illusion

by Muller-Lyer

Ponzo Illusion

by Mario Ponzo