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Welcome guys! Feel free to introduce yourselves, request cards, share strategies, or discuss anything you like here. You can see I have shared below some useful tips and links related to the game. Let me know if you would like to add anything else.




  1. If you are new to the game, do not waste resources for upgrading units you do not need. Later on you will need lots of them and it will be hard to get them.
  2. Neutral cards can be added to any deck, so upgrading them is always good. Even if you switch your playing style later, you can still use them.
  3. It is highly recommended to use Terrance Mephesto and rats. They are both neutral, so you can add them to your deck no matter what other themes you choose. Terrance Mephesto is very hard to kill and makes consistent area damage. He is great against rats, pigeons, gnomes, etc. Rats are amazing against assassins and headhunters.
  4. Currently, it seems it is best to focus on common and rare cards. Epics and Legendary cards are too hard to get and too costly to upgrade. There are some exceptions, such as Hookhand Clyde, Marcus, Rogue Token, Stan of Many Moons, Mecha Timmy, Medusa Bebe. These are powerful cards with very strong skills.
  5. The best way to spend your dollars is unlocking lockers after win in PVE or PVP. Do not overdo it though, since the prices for unlocking an additional locker increase fast - $2, $5, etc.
  6. Do not forget to buy some gold with your PVP tickets when the butters shop refreshes. You can get 150 gold for 15/30/45/60/75/90 tickets. I personally do not think it is worth to spend more than that.
  7. During events it may be beneficial first to derank a bit, i.e. start few games and let the opponent win. This way it will be easier to get more wins later and complete the event.
  8. In this video you can see an interesting technique for killing enemy assassins -> LINK
  9. Talking about assassins, the higher levels in legendary use a lot of them. You should have at least 2-3, depending on your themes. Highly recommended ones are rats (deadly against other assassins), smuggler Ike (insane damage), Astronaut Butters (a great combination with another assassin behind), Princess Kenny (her deathwish renders an enemy unit useless for 10! seconds). Paladin Butters (shields a friendly unit) is good. Bandita Sally (no deathwish), Canadian Knight Ike (expensive), and Deckhand Butters (expensive) are usable. Inuit Kenny, Choirboy Butters, and Hermes Kenny are expensive and/or hard to upgrade. Cyborg Kenny can be nice in certain situations. 


These cards are essential and worth leveling up no matter what playing style is.

  1. Neutral:
    Terrance Mephesto - great for swarms (especially rats/pigeons), hard to kill;
    Rat swarm - high overall damage if left alive, great against other assassins;
    Marcus - considered mid-tier, but he has been the most useful card in my deck, his ability takes 20-30% of the enemy kid's health bar, great for defensive play especially against opponents which outrank you;
  2. Adventure:
    Hookhand Clyde - his warcry instantly kills most units, decent fighter;
    Smuggler Ike - charges quickly and attacks fast, capable of inflicting massive overall damage;
    Calamity Heidi - common unit with great stats for just 2 energy;
  3. Mystical:
    Zen Cartman - best tank in the game, does not attack but makes up with very high health, special ability very useful (works even against headhunters!);
    Angel Wendy - good damage, very powerful healing ability;
    Friar Jimmy - great stats and healing ability which affects also the new kid;
    Medusa Bebe - costs 4 but has great stats even at level 1-2, her ability negates deathwishes;
  4. Sci-Fi:
    Mecha Timmy - great stats and very powerful ability which is not limited by range;
    Poison - quickly disposes of assassins in very large radius, inflicts very high overall damage;
    Alien Clyde - strong fighter with deadly poison, his warcry kills almost any unit;
    Enforcer Jimmy - great fighter with very useful ability, costs only 2 energy;
    Astronaut Butters - very dangerous deathwish, usually combined with another assassin behind;
  5. Fantasy:
    Rogue Token - his warcry acts as a weak fireball with large radius, perfect for stopping counter-attacks;
    Stan the Great - his charge decreases the damage of all tanks, archers and fighters to 0 for 5 seconds, assassins deal minimal damage;
    Dwarf King Clyde - with his warcry he is able to kill almost any unit, also able to rush all the way to the enemy new kid;
    Princess Kenny - powerful deathwish which renders one enemy unit useless for long period of time;

There are other great cards (considered high-tier) such as Fireball, Gunslinger Kyle, Alien Queen Red, Poseidon Stan, Paladin Butters, but I believe the ones I have listed above are essential for any deck.


  1. A great Google Docs spreadsheet with lots of useful stats from the game.
  2. The official Phone Destroyer subreddit.
  3. Another website with useful Phone Destroyer information.


P.S. This is a puzzle website which I run with few of my friends. Could not think of a better place to add a chat room/forum thread, but I think this could work well as the team's webpage.

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