The Card

2. The Card

Detective Flanders was at the crime scene twenty minutes after he received the call. Commissioner Morrow didn’t give much information over the phone, just said that it was “messed up” and “hard to explain.” Flanders parked his car next to an abandoned building with police tape at the entrance and several cops standing in front of it. Upon his arrival, the commissioner was the first one to greet the detective. Flanders could see Morrow was deeply disturbed and his demeanor ignited his curiosity. He loved mysteries and tonight was going to be a big one.

“What is the fuss about, Commissioner, someone got his TV stolen?” Flanders tried to make a joke, but it fell somewhat flat.

“I wish that were the case,” replied the commissioner. “Cold-blooded murder, the first one this year. It looks like some religious cult is involved. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Interesting. Did you find any clues? Where is the victim?”

“I’ll take you there in a moment, but first look at this. We found it next to the body.” Morrow pulled a sealed plastic bag with a small rectangular card inside out of his pocket and handed it to Flanders.


“Greed.” Flanders read the word written on the front side of the card, flipped it (left-to-right) to examine the back, and then gave it back to Morrow. “I wonder what the punishment for this sin is.”

“You won’t believe it, come with me.” The commissioner led Flanders underneath the line tape and they both entered the building.