The Lock

10. The Lock

It took Flanders two hours to arrive at the point of interest. He knew the place well. It was an old, abandoned hut in the forest, which he and Teddy used to visit years ago. When Flanders approached the hut, a peculiar object caught his eye. There was a strangely shaped, wooden piece on the ground, with all of its sides painted in various colors. Flanders briefly examined the object, then promptly moved to the hut.

The door was closed and secured by a metal lock. Flanders tried to break them, but the lock and the door were very sturdy, so he quickly gave up.  The detective calmed down and decided to carefully examine them. The door was solid wood and the lock was kept closed via a secret, 4-digit combination. If Flanders wanted to get inside the hut, he had to crack it first.

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