The Map

9. The Map

Flanders arrived home and looked sick. He closed the door behind him, took off his coat, and slowly went to the living room. He opened a cupboard, took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. He quit smoking two years ago, however today he couldn’t stop himself. Flanders turned around and went to his “memory” wall – the place where he used to hang all his favorite pictures. He stopped in front of one of them and looked at it…

“Oh, Teddy…” Flanders muttered and shook his head. He took the picture in his hands, sat in an armchair, and stared at it. Suddenly, he felt something attached to the back of the photo. He turned it around and saw a map.

Initially, Flanders was confused – he couldn’t see written coordinates on the map or a target place on it. After a few minutes of contemplating however, he stood up, put his coat back on and left. He knew exactly where to go.