The Second Victim

4. The Second Victim

On the very next day the detective received another call. There was a second murder, this time in the city’s main park. Exactly 20 minutes after he hung up the phone, FlandersM arrived at the scene of the crime. Once again Commissioner Morrow was waiting for him, looking even more worried than the last time they met.

“We’ve identified her,” Morrow said, skipping formalities. “It’s Ilaria Clapton, the former Mayor’s wife. Trying to reach her husband now. I have to warn you, the murderer doesn’t lack imagination.”

Morrow and FlandersI made their way through the dozens of policemen gathered at the crime scene until they got to Ilaria’s body. The scene was shocking.

“Is that paint on her body?” asked the detective.

“Yes, the guy has painted her limbs in purple. Any idea why he would do that?”

“It’s violet, usually associated with the sin of pride,” answered FlandersE. “Did you find any evidence?”

“This time nothing, not even a cryptic card.”

“I’m sure something is hidden around here. Make sure to search everywhere within 100 feet of the body,” advised FlandersT.

Morrow was still staring at the body. “I’ll check with my men.”