The Security Footage

8. The Security Footage

The next several hours passed by with Flanders, Morrow, and few other policemen inspecting the former Mayor’s body and the gallery for clues left behind by the killer. Two more officers were watching the security camera videos in a separate room and a dozen more were still analyzing the death of Mrs. Clapton in the park. The pattern was clear – the victims were getting “punished” for their deadly sins, and Phil Clapton was chosen for his “lust”. His numerous affairs throughout the years were no secret and now he paid for them with his life.

Suddenly one of the officers watching the security tapes rushed to the gallery and yelled at Commissioner Morrow and Detective Flanders:

“We found him! He is on one of the tapes, you must see this!”

Flanders and Morrow looked at each other with disbelief and quickly went to the security room. The officer who called them there put his finger on a button and told them to pay attention. Footage started playing on one of the monitors…

Morrow became excited and even cursed enthusiastically. Flanders, on the other hand, became pale and didn’t say anything. The detective excused himself and said he needed to go home to get some rest. Without any other words, he left the room while everyone looked a bit baffled by his actions.

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