The Time

1. The Time

You could easily tell Detective Flanders was a peculiar person by just looking at him. He had many obsessions, but the most noteworthy was his obsession with time. Constantly keeping track of it, Flanders was never late for any occasion. Naturally, the detective had a love for watches, especially electronic ones. He was fascinated by their accuracy and dependability. He had a small collection of rare electronic watches on one of his shelves, which he examined every evening before bed. Interestingly, none of them were adjusted to show the correct time and nobody knew the reason except for Flanders himself.

While going through his daily watch examination, Flanders noticed that there was something off with one of his watches. He meticulously fixed it and then continued his evening routine. However, just when he went under the blankets and started drifting away, his phone rang. He looked at the screen and read “Commissioner Morrow.” Flanders had to answer as he rarely received calls from the police department, and never at night.

“Good evening, Commissioner. Didn’t expect calls at this time, is there a problem?”

“Hello, Flanders. We have a case here and I think you may be interested.”

“I’m listening…” he replied, yet couldn’t stop thinking about his watch.”

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