5. The Message

Sanders and Morrow were waiting aside, observing the constant movement of police officers on the crime scene. After about 30 minutes, one of them yelled, "I found something buried here. It looks like a box". Suddenly everybody stopped doing their work and gathered around him. Morrow made his way through the other men and took the box from the officer. He held it for few moments and after brief hesitation passed it to Sanders. The detective nodded to the Commissioner, accepted the box and opened it. Inside there were two items, an old audio player and a cassette tape. Sanders read the tape's label; it looked like it had some of Queen’s best hits. He took it out of the case, inserted it in the player and pressed, "PLAY".

There was a slight humming noise resulting from the antiquated audio quality. Then a voice emerged:

After the recording ended, everyone was quiet for a while, anticipating the reactions of the detective and the Commissioner. Sanders was the first one to break the silence, "Seven sinners. Two down, five more to go."

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