Let us say “Welcome” to our guests at Puzzle Prime – famous inventors, talented artists, masterful magicians, expert game developers… All of them are people who have contributed to the world of puzzles and logic in various ways. Here we invite them for short interviews, so that we can learn more about their work, hobbies, and interests. Pick one of our guest puzzlers below and see what they have decided to share with us.

Donald “Rusty” Rust

Donald “Rusty” Rust is an American artist, who has created numerous paintings in variety of styles. Even though he is famous mostly for his pin-up artwork, his optical illusions are some of our personal favorites.


FLEB is a passionate puzzler and a popular YouTuber. To his YouTube audience, he regularly presents various interesting puzzles he has collected over the years.

Leonid Mochalov

Leonid Mochalov is a Russian puzzle writer and inventor, who has published several brain teaser books and patented numerous mechanical puzzle toys.