Girls Rock

What are the names of the three girls in this rock band?

T _ _ _ _ & D _ _ _ _ _ _ & L _ _ _

The vocalist’s name is Tessa. On her notebook it is written “I’m diving into the DARK gloom End to start“. On the poster in the top right corner it is written DARK and underneath ASSET. “Asset” spelled backwards becomes TESSA.

The bassist’s name is Delilah. Her shirt features a cat, which is also present on the Freddy Mercury poster. The lyrics written on it are from the song “Delilah” by Queen.

The drummer’s name is Lisa. Inside her backpack there is a copy of the book “1984” by G. Orwell. On her backpack there is a sticker which also appears on the poster behind Delilah. The poster says “Local punk’o’matIc AnarchiSts bazAr”. If one selects the 1st, the 9th, the 8th, and the 4th letters from each word, the resulting name is LISA.

SweetyKissa is a talented watercolor and digital artist. Her work occasionally features erotic themes, so discretion.

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