Mummy Mazes

Creative expression, learning, and focusing are some of the most important activities which children should be encouraged to do from an early age. Driven by this idea, Elizabeth Carpenter has published several oversized books, which give kids the opportunity to solve beautifully drawn line mazes, color them, and learn interesting trivia all at once. The Mummy Mazes Monumental Book contains 28 poster-size mazes based on Ancient Egypt themes, along with explanations about each of the included objects. The Dino Mazes Colossal Fossil Book contains 31 poster-size mazes, depicting various dinosaurs, accompanied by descriptions and quick facts about them. Recently, Elizabeth also published a Mandala Mazes book, which can be popular among older people looking for fun, relaxing activities as well. In terms of difficulty, the Dino and the Mummy mazes seem to fall on the easier side, while the Mandala mazes are a bit more challenging. After being completed, the mazes can be detached and used as posters, even though we think they look best organized together. All three books offer great quality and we would highly recommend them to any maze enthusiast.

  • about 30 over-sized mazes per book
  • beautiful line mazes, suitable for coloring
  • books include interesting trivia
  • highly recommended

by Elizabeth Carpenter

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