Myths and Monsters

Usually, mazes are split into two categories – easy, colorful, targeted towards younger children, and complex, with little to no art, targeted at older people. In that case, what do you do when you have a gifted child which enjoys cute art but also is looking for some real challenge? Well, you could introduce them to Joe Wos’ popular MazeToons series which the artist regularly updates on his website. After receiving lots of recognition and accolades for his work over the years, Joe finally decided to publish some books, starting with “A-maze-ing Animals” and “Myths and Monsters”. Both books are medium size, have high-quality paper, and vibrant colors. Each of them includes 50 mazes sorted in increasing difficulty with solutions provided at the end. We like them so much, we even asked the artist to create one special maze for Puzzle Prime which you can find in our Casual Puzzles section. Joe Wos’ books are highly recommended, especially for kids in primary and middle school.

  • colorful, cartoonish style
  • well designed mazes
  • gradually increasing difficulty
by Joe Wos

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