Escher Mirrorkal

I don’t know how many of you have played with and remember those wonderful cubic jigsaws from our childhoods, but they were definitely some of my favorites at that time. Escher Mirrorkal by Recent Toys looks strikingly similar to them, but a smart addition of mirrors transforms such a basic toy into an interesting puzzle which may frustrate even adults. Instead of each little cube having 6 solid painted sides, two of the sides are replaced with transparent covers and a small mirror is placed diagonally underneath them. This allows you when looking through one of the transparent sides to see a reflection of whatever is visible from the other side. Using this gimmick, your task is to arrange all 9 little cubes into the given 3 by 3 frame, transparent sides up, so that you can see one of the 5 given Escher paintings inside. The overall difficulty of the puzzle is low/medium and it gets even easier after the first image you solve. However, the wonderful concept makes the puzzle engaging and can bring you back to it every once in a while. My only problem with the toy is the fact that on my copy the stickers on the non-transparent sides are not well positioned, which makes the final pictures look a bit odd. I don’t know if this is a consistent issue or just I was unlucky, but for such relatively expensive toy, I would expect higher quality control. Nevertheless, I am more than happy with my Escher Mirrorkal and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun little puzzle with ingenious concept and cool design.

  • medium difficulty
  • mirrors, arranging
  • fun and novel concept

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