Hanayama’s level 6 puzzles are usually devilishly hard and either require some very intricate manipulations of their pieces or simple, but hard to figure out tricks. The Cast News toy belongs to the second group. It looks surprisingly simple – consists of just two identical pieces, mysteriously connected to each other. Your task is to guess correctly what holds the pieces together and how to split them apart. Even though the original solution is quite tricky, due to the somewhat flawed construction, it is highly possible to disassemble Cast News simply by accident. Putting back together this puzzle does not require any skills and can be done fast. I have to note that Cast News has a compact design and solid built. The toy is very small, even in comparison with other Hanayama puzzles. Even though the visual appearance of Cast News is great, I would recommend that you get instead a larger version of the puzzle, such as The Wooden Cross.

  • difficulty 6/6
  • special trick
  • take apart

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