Perplexus Epic

Epic is the biggest, most challenging and arguably the most stylish Perplexus created yet. I really like the sleek, predominantly white and blue design, which makes it look less like a children’s toy and more like an art piece. I’ve seen some complaints from people that the limited choice of colors makes it harder to follow the track inside the ball, but I personally didn’t have such problems. In terms of gameplay, Perplexus Epic works just like the Original and the Rookie versions, but with more, harder barriers. In this toy their number is 125, even though most of them are not that challenging. Because of its lengthy track and high difficulty, the designers of Perplexus Epic have added 3 additional starting points – at barriers 33, 56 and 91, so that you can practice each of the maze segments separately. This is a nice addition, since passing through the entire maze without failing even once is an extremely hard thing to do. Epic, just like its little brothers, looks like a high quality, solidly built toy. However, I have to mention that it comes with a little sticker on top, stating that due to its “sculptural nature”, it has to be handled carefully. I personally don’t think that Epic is so fragile to worry about it, but probably some extra care wouldn’t hurt. The only downside I’ve noticed so far is that due to the closeness between the track and the sphere, occasionally the marble gets stuck between them. Such issues never occur during gameplay however and can be easily managed by shaking the ball hard. Overall, Perplexus Epic is a great toy, which can entertain both kids and adults for many hours.

  • hard difficulty
  • 125 barriers

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