Perplexus Original

Perplexus Original is the very first Perplexus maze created and probably the most popular one. It is rated with medium difficulty and this seems fair. Even though Perplexus Original supposedly has 100 barriers, most of them are just simple curves and drops, requiring no effort to pass. Ultimately, there are no more than 15 places along the entire track which cause difficulties, but they are still enough to pose a good challenge. In case you don’t want to start every time from the beginning of the maze – there are 2 alternative starting points in it. This allows you to place the ball at the 1st, 26th or 59th barrier, skipping all of the previous ones. The design is very good, using bright colors, making it easy to follow the track. There are several barriers which are lots of fun to pass through, such as the big spiral in the middle and few moving obstacles around. The overall construction is solid as well.

Even though Perplexus can not be called a “puzzle” in the real sense of the word, it still requires good hand-eye coordination, movement precision and intense focus. It is a great toy to have at home, especially if you have children around.

  • medium difficulty
  • 100 barriers

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