Perplexus Rookie

Perplexus Rookie is the easiest maze in the Perplexus collection and is targeted mainly towards younger children, which would probably struggle with the more advanced versions of the toy. It has 70 barriers (30 less than Perplexus Original), none of which requires a significant amount of precision in order to pass through. The track is colorful, easy to follow and contains a good variety of obstacles – slides, tunnels, stairwells, etc. The size of Perplexus Rookie is much smaller than the sizes of the other Perplexus puzzles (except Warp) but still big enough so that you can play comfortably with it. I completed the maze on my 3rd attempt and despite the option of attempting speed runs after that, the low difficulty level prevented me from picking it up again. Even though the toy did not keep me interested for long, I am sure that smaller kids would appreciate it much more than adults. If you happen to have some around and want to get them a fun, old-school toy with no buttons, screens and loud noises, Perplexus Rookie would be a great choice.

  • easy difficulty
  • 70 barriers

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