Smart Eggs (1-layer)

Smart Eggs are maze type puzzles created by the Hungarian inventor Andras Zagyvai. The basic idea is to navigate a plastic stick from the top of an egg to its bottom, pushing, pulling and moving the stick around various holes and tunnels carved in it. The original six 1-layer eggs are extremely simple to solve and targeted towards very young children. There is only one natural path the stick can take and you simply have to follow it. The eggs are also fairly small and look a bit like a toy which comes for free with a box of cereal. The designs however are beautiful and the construction is solid. Despite the low difficulty level and lack of challenge, Smart Eggs are fun to play and fidget with, both for kids and adults. Overall, I am happy with all my 1-layer Smart Eggs and would recommend them to anyone who has young children at home.

  • extremely simple
  • maze type
  • compact, attractive design

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