Wooden Cross

Wooden Cross is what happens when you take a simple child’s toy and add a little bit of science to it. Mysterious, mind-bogging, fascinating – these were my thoughts when I saw this classic puzzle and its solution for the first time. The cross consists of 2 wooden blocks, which are attached to each other via some hidden mechanism. Your task is to figure out what holds the blocks together and to find a way to separate them. Unlike most other puzzles, this one can not be solved using the trial-and-error method. You need to actually analyze the construction, make a guess what is inside and find a way to break it apart. And if you succeed to do it, the satisfaction of solving the puzzle would be well worth the effort.

Wooden Cross  is not a very sophisticated toy in its nature. It doesn’t require much craftsmanship to build and even can be made in your garage. It also can be found in many online stores for cheap, so it is very affordable. All of this makes Wooden Cross a highly recommended puzzle.

  • very difficult
  • physics
  • classic puzzle

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