Slither Link Puzzles

Slither Links is one of the most dynamic and fun logic puzzles to solve. The rules are as follows:

You start with a grid of dots and numbers shown in few of its cells. Your task is to connect some of the neighboring (horizontally or vertically) dots with unit segments, so that:

  1. the segments form asingle continuous non-intersecting loop;
  2. the displayed numbers (from 0 to 3) match the number of the loop's segments which surround the corresponding square.

Below you will find a collection of Slither Links, sorted by difficulty from 1 to 5, along with some extra Slither Link Variety puzzles. All of them are shared by KrazyDad, a website with thousands of various types puzzle problems.

Remark: All materials are copyrighted, for personal use only. If you want to use any of them for a book, app, website or periodical, please contact the authors first.