Chile to Singapore

You want to travel from Chile to Singapore. You find two sea captains - Jack and Will, which are willing to board you on their ships. Both of them depart from the same harbor early on the next morning, so you have to decide fast which one to hire.

Jack promises that he will arrive in Singapore on the 50th day of the cruise, at midnight. He will charge you $1 per hour for the trip. Will promises that he will also arrive on the 50th day of the cruise, at noon. He will charge you 1 cent per hour more than Jack. Both ships are in horrible conditions.

Which captain would you choose?

Remark: The first day of the cruise begins when the ship departs the harbor and ends 24 hours later. After that the second day of the cruise begins and so on.

You should hire Jack - he will charge you less per hour and will also arrive earlier in Singapore. The reason for this is that because of the different time zones, the time in Chile runs 11 hours behind the time in Singapore. Therefore once you get close to Singapore, the 50th day of the cruise will start in the early evening. Since midnight will come before noon, Jack will arrive 12 hours before Will.